What Makes Developers Tick?

Blog Post created by andrew.harris on Feb 13, 2020

Who are the developers in our community? What got them into coding in the first place? How do they like to learn and troubleshoot? We asked 100 of our developer partners about their education, career path, coding preferences, and more. Here’s what we discovered.


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Developers who code for payments are seasoned

45% of our developers have been coding professionally for a long, long time—over 10 years. Over 1 in 4 developers have been coding professionally for 5-10 years, and nearly 1 in 5 developers have been coding at work for 1 year or less.


Most began coding as kids

45% of the developers surveyed began coding before they were 17. 1 in 4 learned to code as young adults, from age 18-22.