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When creating a sub merchant, i'm getting an error when trying to POST the submerchant record.  I am using the "prelive" environment.     customBillingDescriptionPrefix:Custom Billing Description Prefix is required for Template Merchants I can't figure out what this means and the documentation doesn't show what to do.  Please advise.
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What countries of Payment Facilitator businesses do you support? (I.e. where they are domiciled) Also, what is the list of countries of sub-merchants' businesses you support? Finally, is there a limitation to available payment methods and allowed countries on the sub-merchants' customers?   Thanks!
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Hi So I am new to the world of online payments as a developer and would like to understand whether what I am trying to do is possible. We have developed a web app which we are looking to sell to businesses. The app includes a shopping cart and payment processing which will need to be configured for each new business that comes on board. Is it… (Show more)
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Hello, According to the Merchant Network Updates in Fall 2018, technical fallback standards are revised for Mastercard in certain regions.    These requirements seem obscure for U.S. region as "Issuers may decline technical fallback transactions". Taking this into consideration, would it be recommended to disable/decline fallback transactions… (Show more)
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