• Upgrade to ??? XML Version

    I need help.   I am taking over an application that currently processes transactions through Worldpay using what I assume is Litle OnlineRequest version 8.12.      I have been asked to start ...
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  • Credit Card Codes

    When submitting a creaditcard payment, the system wants to know what type the card is.   In the JAVA SDK, the following list is provided in the MethodOfPaymentTypeEnum  class: MC, VI, AX, DC, DI, PP, ...
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    Would it be possible to get the JAVA SDK javadoc published somewhere? 
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  • Getting Started: Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the TechTribe! I’m Dani Perea, the community manager of Vantiv O.N.E.. Our goal here is to make your integration with Vantiv products successful by: Providing you with key information and resources ...
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  • Payment Account Secure Storage (PASS) for PHP

    Hi Guys,    We are planning to switch to PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage), I am using PHP, could you please guide me here, do we have sample code just like HostedPayments.csharp.   Thank you  ...
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  • triPOS/PIN-Pad Behaviors After triPOS Direct (and subsequent RBA version) Update

    Starting this post after some observations in the field where our clients updated triPOS from v5.4.0 to v5.14.2, which also included the update of their Ingenico (iSC250's in this case) RBA version from v17.x to v21.x...
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  • Join the Discussion: What are the best cloud adoption strategies?

    It has become a necessity for organization to work in the cloud.   While there are many cloud adoption strategies to choose from, what did you choose and what worked for your organization?   What advi...
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  • Is CVV required PaymentAccountCreate?

    In Express Interface Is CVV required PaymentAccountCreate  method?   If CVV is not required how you are validating the card details and generating paymentaccountId?   Without CVV we are validate the c...
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  • Sandbox account credential for Magento extension configuration

    I have some issue in My Magento world pay extension. For check issue, I want to create a new sandbox account and configure that account details in Magento. Please help me.
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  • Is there a detailed list of supported payment methods?

    I initially asked this as a comment to the triPOS Cloud Overview page, but I think this forum is a better place for it.   We are investigating a potential integration with Vantiv (triPOS Cloud, specifically). &#...
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  • Oracle Payment Interface OPI and Vantiv tripos setup

    Greetings  i am working on a micros RES 3700 V5.2 integration with the tripos integration . I followed the documents but i still can not get it to work . Has anyone out there got his to work . I need to move all...
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  • Best Advice on Writing Clean Code

    What’s the best advice you have for writing clean code?   Whether it’s keeping a copy of the Clean Code Cheat Sheet on your desk or regularly tackling coding challenges to keep your skills fresh, we ...
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  • ID number Vantiv.

    How I can to have a ID number for configurate in my site' s code  ? 
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  • Getting Authorization error when trying to integrate the vantive in php

    Hi i having php site using codeigniter. Now i want to integrate the vantive payment gateway to mysite. I done the installation of php sdk using composer. Now when i run the sample code i got the below error:   &#...
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  • Ask a recruiter: Getting a developer job...without an engineering degree.

    It's grad season - which means tons of bright-eyed, newly-minted college graduates are hitting the proverbial pavement (er, the keyboard at least), degrees in hand, hoping to snag a job.   As a liberal arts majo...
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  • What's the worst job advice you received early in your career?

    We're giving away free coffee for bad advice. Yup, you heard right.   What was the worst job advice you received early in your career (or at the start of a career change)?   The top 5 most-liked replies wi...
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  • What will payments look like in a decade?

    What do you think payments will look like in ten years? The first 20 replies to this thread will get a $10 Starbucks card.   Curious about the future of payments? Join us for our webinar with Google on Pay with G...
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  • Apple & Google Pay Integrations

    Hi, I am currently integrating apple & google pay for v9.13 littleOnlineRequest. Can you please confirm if the following requests and responses are valid for both payment methods? The tokens decryption is alr...
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  • What's your favorite rewards/loyalty program and why?

    What business or product do you find yourself going back to because of their sweet rewards program? My favorite is my Southwest Rapid Rewards Card. I haven't paid over $11 for any flight I've taken for a vacation this...
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  • Favorite blog?

    What is your favorite blog that you keep up with regularly?   My favorite blog that I read with a near religious devotion is Ask a Manager - I read it 1-2x a week for Alison's brilliant insights on solving comm...
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