• Tripos mobile SDK healthcare eligible amounts

    Is there a way to set Flex cards / HSA healthcare amounts using Tripos mobile SDK?  I did see in the SDK some classes for healthcare amounts under VTP but they were all commented out referencing ‘VXPPH...
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  • Hosted Payments Overview

    Introduction to Hosted Payment Pages This document details how to process payments via the Hosted Payments solution on the Worldpay Express payment platform. The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with Host...
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  • Signature data for TriPOS Cloud

    Hi all, So, I'm doing an integration with TriPOS Cloud. (This is my first TriPOS Integration, so I have no old code to recycle here). The signature returned from is in a format called "PointsLittleEndian". I'm not fa...
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  • Hostpayments response

    Hello, I noticed a response parameter called 'args' included with rest of the response parameters from a Hosted Payment page response.  Using it for tokenization (paymentAccountCreate).  It appears to be en...
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  • How to distribute app with Worldpay integration to multiple businesses?

    Hi So I am new to the world of online payments as a developer and would like to understand whether what I am trying to do is possible. We have developed a web app which we are looking to sell to businesses. The app i...
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  • Accessing Sandbox from Windows Machine

    Hi I am trying to access the Vantiv eCommerce Sandbox Environment. But not able to access below Url from my windows 10 machine: https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online    I found one prerequ...
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  • Lightspeed POS

    Need help integrating Lightspeed POS 
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  • triPOS Mobile Overview

    Worldpay's triPOS® Mobile SDK provides iOS and Android applications with a rapid integration for EMV support, point-of-interaction device support, and the Express platform. triPOS does the heavy lifting for PCI D...
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  • Using a Status Query Transaction for the capture transactions

    Hi, I need to use the Status Query Transaction to get information about an capture transaction, but I cannot find the value for origActionType in the documentation (eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide ). Whath tra...
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  • Hosted payments response

    I noticed when I don't include a return url when doing the transaction setup, that the response from process transaction to the hosted payments page includes a type named "args" with what appears to be encoded text.&#...
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  • Understanding Payments Developers: Survey Results

        We all know why developers are important. They write the software that makes the world run.   But how much do we know about who developers actually are? The answer, in many cases, is very little....
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  • Vantiv and WorldPay merger, how ecommerce solutions are impacted?

    We are a current WorldPay customer and have been working on adding functionality to purchase items via credit card to our website. Recently, we noticed that most links to WorldPay's Virtual Terminal now redirect to th...
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  • Enterprise Developer Documentation

    Core Interface Specifications  Worldpay ISO 8583 Specification Worldpay ISO 8583 Specification - Network Tokenization (ApplePay) Worldpay 610 Interface Reference Guide Worldpay Account Updater File Format Spe...
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  • how to create sandbox account

    I have already created account on develop.vantiv.com, is same can be used for sandbox account? if not,  please let us know how to create sandbox account?
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  • PaymentAccountCreate C++ Sample Coding

    I am looking for sample coding of how to hit your webservice for PaymentAccountCreate via XML HTTPS. I am coding using C++.
  • eProtect and MasterPass

    Hi, Is there any documentation/guide for implementing MasterPass integration with eProtect? There is a guide for Visa Checkout and eProtect, but I couldn't find one for MasterPass. If someone could point me to the do...
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  • 5 Examples of a Good Mobile Flow Checkout

    Businesses invest a lot of resources in getting consumers to click on ads and drawing visitors to websites or mobile apps. They create amazing product displays to make people like and engage with their product catalog...
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  • triPOS Direct EOS Overview 03112019_Final.pdf

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  • External-Express CoF Overview 03112019.pdf

    3/11/19 - Made correction to PaymentType field within CoF Request and Response Flow. 
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  • When will certifications be available again?

    We are a WorldPay customer and would like to integrate with Worldpay's REST API (to download settlement reports). However for the last 10 days at least, your API docs say "New certifications are temporarily ...
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