• Exceptions generating triPOS Direct metadata

    The triPOS Direct metadata (i.e.:  localhost:8080/api/metadata?xsd=1) page for v5.16 is still returning the below exception text (has been happening for the past several versions, FWIW).  This presents ...
    created by frank
  • Is there a release date for triPOS 5.16 yet?

    The last I heard there was an expected release date of end of March.  Is there an update/actual release date available yet?
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  • The State of Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

      By now, you've probably heard all about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain. It’s been a decade since Bitcoin sprang into existence, and Bitcoin paved the way for thousands of other cryptocurrencies (...
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  • Do you have Hosted Payment sdk/api

    Do you have a hosted payment form for accepting online payments via desktop and mobile platforms so that PCI compliance is completely managed on your end? Mobile is extremely important as most of their web traffi...
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  • vantiv express sandbox is down ?

    we are using vantiv express API this was working fine but today we are getting invalid card detail on every request.    is sandbox environment is having any issue today?
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  • What are the programming

    What are the programming we can use to connect with payfac
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  • "input" API endpoint on triPOS Cloud

    Hi all, I have a customer that was interested in using their TriPOS Cloud MX915 to collect the customer's phone number from the customer for the purpose of collecting their loyalty information (just like you see at m...
  • HostedCheckout Soap Error

    Using the MercuryPay Hosted Checkout iframe I'm able to send the correct information on my local machine with no issues. After uploading the code to the production server I receive the error, "Caught exception: SOAP-E...
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  • Express Gift Card Interface Specification v1.0.12

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  • vantiv express api supports credit card sale with OTP or PIN when card is not present ?

    vantiv express api supports credit card sale with OTP or PIN when the card is not present?   If yes please share the documentation of how to implement it. Currently, we are using CreditCardSale.
    created by mmahajan
  • Digital Wallet Transaction Identifier In Store Payments

    in store payments, which field is the differentiator whether it is apple pay, or contactless credit card transaction?
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  • World Pay API

    Hello,   What is happening with the World Pay API at this time as a result of the merger? What API is available at this time for recurring payments and pos payments?
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  • tripos cloud Approval message API vs Pinpad delay

    We are using tripos cloud. However we have a Challenge  with the timing of the "Approval" Message on the actual pinpad vs API Response. The response from the API and actual "Approval" message on the ter...
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  • How to prepare your application to certify with Worldpay

    Worldpay provides secure payment services for small and large businesses, including payments online, card machines, and telephone payments. Getting from code to live application is a simple, three-step process where u...
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  • New Trends in IDEs

    As advances have been made in the practice of software development, it should come as no surprise that the tools we use to actually develop said software have evolved drastically as well. While everything from languag...
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  • Whitelist IP Address(es)

    Hi,   We need to request two (2) IP address to be whitelisted in order to connect to the following:   Domain: api.lynksystems.com IP:   Please advise next steps.
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  • What countries is PayFac available for?

    What countries of Payment Facilitator businesses do you support? (I.e. where they are domiciled) Also, what is the list of countries of sub-merchants' businesses you support? Finally, is there a limitation...
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  • Clear Documentation to use SDK

    I could'nt find any clear documentation for how exactly use the android sdk,and ios sdk sdk.Since i am from .net and js background and trying to use the ios sdk using IOS binding project kind of concepts. I couldn't f...
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  • Dev Insights from the Global Payments Report

      Worldpay's 2018 Global Payments Report offers a comprehensive overview of the ways global consumers pay, from Argentina to Vietnam and everywhere in between. We took a look at 4 high potential emergi...
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  • PIN and signature capture across credit/debit payments

    In our (we are a payment middleware vendor) POS implementation, for card-present (CP) payments, we would like to not have to prompt the user for the specific payment method (MOP) they will use, since that they should ...
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