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Terminal provisioning, relocation, and targeted MIDs

Question asked by asampal on Dec 13, 2018

I'm trying to understand the flexibility around the provisioning of terminals, and the administrative changes needed (if any) when terminals are relocated (address changed) within the same legal entity.


An assumptions I'm starting with:

- acceptor ID is 1-to-1 with merchant ID



1. When a device is provisioned for one of our customers (a legal entity operating across multiple locations, set up with multiple sub-merchants), is the device tied in any way to a particular location until re-configured by Worldpay?

2. What is involved in having a terminal relocated from one address to another?

3. Does Worldpay handle all steps in device provisioning/relocation?

4. Can terminals target MIDs (acceptor IDs) for which the registered address (that of the sub-merchant owning the MID) is other than the one where the terminal is operating?

5. When are acceptor IDs allocated? (They aren't don't seem to be returned by the "create sub-merchant" API response.)